Camp’s Operation Rules

  1. Only a citizen who can properly sign up at the reception can use the campsite Sokol Troja. In the restaurant on entering the grounds, provide an identity card and pay a fee for accommodation. Everybody in the tent or caravan will receive a registration number that will visibly attach to him for permanent control.
  2. The use of the campsite is only allowed to non-bailiffs or parasitic diseases, nor is they enrolled with increased health survellance or quarantine.
  3. For guests staying in their own facilities (tents, cars, caravans, minibuses, etc.), the termination of the stay in the premises is valid until 14.00 of the last day. If the guest does not meet this deadline, the landlord is entitled to charge the price of the accommodation for the next day.
  4. The guest pays for accommodation in advice.
  5. At the end of the stay at the camp, the guest must submit at the reception or a smart card in the restaurant.
  6. Guests staying in the camp are obliged to take care of cleanliness and order.
  7. Guests are required to dispose of municipal waste only in dedicated containers in dedicated locations. Other waste is not allowed to be stored anywhere in the camp.
  8. At night from 22 o’clock night’s quietness is to be observed.
  9. The overnight stay of family members and other persons not registered for residence is prohibited throughout the campsite.
  10. Parents are responsible for the safety of children when they are in the area!
  11. There si a strict ban on making fires at camp grounds.
  12. Vehicle washing and maintenance are strictly prohibited throughout the area.
  13. Movement of dogs and other animals is allowed only under the supervision of the owner.
  14. The maximum vehicle speed in the area is 5 km/h.
  15. The guest is responsible for damage caused to the property of the property owner according to generally binding regulations.
  16. The landlord is not liable for money, personal papers and other valuable items not placed in custody.
  17. Every guest must familiarize themselves with these Operation Rules and must observe them. By paying accommodation the guest declares that he has been familiar with these Operation Rules.
  18. The operating rules of the campsite are binding for all those staying in the camp of Sokol Troja. Any person who violates the Rules of Operation of the campsite will be charged without compensation from Sokol Troja camp. In the event of damage to or destruction of the property of the facility, a minimum amount of CZK 5,000 (EUR 218) or the actual amount will be collected.
  19. Money will not be refunded upon early termination of the guest’s stay.

These Operation Rules apply from 1 April 2018.