We are not just for caravans – you are welcome with a tent too!

The season at our campsite is in full swing. Half of the holidays are behind us, although COVID had a summer variant, which fortunately is not nearly as problematic (and mainly on the wane), and the heat wave has subsided in Prague. Simply put, ideal weather for visiting the capital of the Czech Republic and its surroundings.

At our campsite, in addition to places for caravans, we also have a meadow intended only for tents, whether you come with or without a car. It is at the back of the campsite, completely away from all the action, where you can take a table and chairs out of the car and relax by the tent after a busy day of hiking. You don’t have to worry about sleeping “on concrete” in the tent, so to speak. Sleeping in a tent with us will not be your nightmare, but a pleasant lie down.

Call or write to see if we are free, but 99% of the time you will always have a pleasant place on the soft grass.

Of course, all camp facilities such as toilets, showers, Wi-Fi and a restaurant are at your disposal right in the camp area. The restaurant is open from 16:00 to 21:00. You can also wash your clothes with us.

If you come with a caravan, we have all the caravan services for you – water draining, a spout for chemical toilets and a place to fill in water.

Our campsite is very well situated. The north of Prague has the advantage of being significantly closer to the city center than the south or other parts of the world. This means that you can take tram No. 17 to the city center in a luxurious 11 minutes (Faculty of Law stop) or 13 minutes (Staroměstská stop) or 16 minutes (National Theater stop).

Prague offers an abundance of interesting destinations, to which we should not forget to add the 19th edition of the festival of the new circus Letní Letná, which is currently underway (until 31 August 2022). By the way, on Letná, it is a short walk from the campsite past the Trojská castle, over the Trojská lávka and the beautiful Stromovka park, where you can stop for a picnic.

Do you already know why In Prague you simply cannot live elsewhere?

You don’t need a tent with us, you can sleep in the yurt!

We would like to introduce you to the Czech “camp” conditions of an unconventional novelty, which is the possibility to sleep in a yurt directly in the area of our camp.

Yurt (ger, gher, kabitka, kherga) is a traditional dwelling of nomadic tribes from Central Asia and the Middle East, consisting of a wooden light structure and a felt mat.

The floor plan of the building is circular, the diameter varies according to the purpose and place of use from 3 m (hunting yurt, Mongolia) to 20 meters. The construction is easy to assemble and transport.

Source: Wikipedia

Provide your children with an unusual experience by staying in an original Kyrgyz yurt without electricity and in the light of kerosene. Surprise your partner with an unconventional evening in an unconventional place – the whole yurt will be just for you. Or simply leave your tent packed and sleep in the yurt.

You can experience all this in the Sokol Troja camp located just 15 minutes from the city center!

It has been a few years since we brought our own yurt from Kyrgyzstan to Bohemia, and every year we exhibit it at various festivals around Prague and introduce you to Kyrgyz culture, customs and dishes.

This year we decided to open the possibility of renting a yurt to the general public as well. For this purpose, we have entered into a partnership with the operator of the Sokol Troja camp, where we rent the yurt all summer. In the yurt you have the opportunity to organize your meeting for a group of up to six people, you can sleep here with your children and make them an unusual experience. In the yurt you will have access to the mangal on which clowns, plof or sams are made.

The rent is 300 CZK / person./ day, minimum number of persons is 2, maximum is 6. Don’t forget your own sleeping bags to sleep.

If you are interested and for more information, please contact:

Karamat Toktobajeva
tel. +420 608918929

All camp facilities such as toilets, showers, Wi-Fi and restaurants directly in the area are of course available to you.

We look forward to seeing you.

Spring is ideal for visiting Prague

Covid time is perhaps finally over and everything works in the Czech Republic without any restrictions. It is therefore an ideal time to start traveling and discovering again. And spring is ideal for visiting Prague. The city is not overheated, holiday tourists are “still asleep” (and wake up with the testimony of their children), the campsites are not crammed to bursting. At the same time, everything works in the city and its surroundings and is ready to provide you with its services and pleasant facilities.

Of course, our Sokol Troja camp is also ready for you after the Easter holidays. Both the area for caravans and the back area for tents. All sanitary facilities and caravan service are ready for your visit in summer 2022.

As is the standard with us, we are open 24 hours a day. If no one is at the reception at the time of your arrival, park anywhere, connect to electricity and you can use showers, toilets and all caravan services.

The reception is always open in the morning and evening, the current times are posted at the reception. We will make your arrival and registration when we meet at the reception. You can contact us by phone, using the WhatsApp chat from any site (green button at the bottom right), or by email.

Wi-Fi k dispozici

Compared to last year, we have doubled the capacity of our internet connection for you and at the same time we have modernized the Wi-Fi connection in the camp and hostel complex. Your devices can also automatically connect to the Internet at a frequency of 5 GHz, where they should achieve higher speeds and less interference, ie. higher reliability.

Come soon, we look forward to seeing you.